York Mills Campus

Tel: (416) 510-1200

Address: 18 Coldwater Rd., Toronto, ON  M3B 1Y7
(near Leslie and York Mills)



Infant Program
(10-18 months)

At CMS the Infant program aims to start each child on their journey of lifelong learning in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Toddler Program
(18 months - 2.6 yrs)

At CMS the toddler program offers a comprehensive, challenging and diverse educational experience for all our children. 

Casa Program
(2.6 yrs - 6yrs)

A key feature of the Casa program is the increase of the Montessori materials they now have at their disposal to learn from. 

Elementary Program
(6yrs – 12 yrs)

The Montessori elementary program is taught in multiage grade classrooms with a mixture of grades and ability levels.