The story of Central Montessori Schools starts with the vision of our Co Head of School – Mrs Minoo Mohajer. Set up to serve the North York community over 25 years ago, the first group of students started in September 1995 in a converted church space. Within a few short years the school name and reputation grew to encompass another location, again in North York and before long 5 campuses were catering to children as young as 9 months old up to Grade 6 level.

Taking a tour with Mrs Mohajer around any of the 4 campuses is a privilege. As she proudly showcases the purpose built and designed Montessori spaces, greets each of her over 200 staff  (many of whom have worked alongside her to build CMS into the strong traditions that are today) and to hear children recognize and greet her warmly is a testament to the leader she is; observant, kind and there to serve her community above all else.

Incredibly humble, she is dedicated to serving the needs of all her community. When parents shared with her how difficult it was to do drop off their children at 8:30am in the morning due to their work commitments, she changed the school hours to include early morning club and after school club to help accommodate them. When parents shared their interest in summer camps run at the school, she devised a whole program with her colleagues to offer interesting and engaging summer camps for the duration of the holidays. When she observed that some of the meals the children were bringing from home were not as nutritious or as filling as they should be, she set up the hot lunch and snack routines offered to every child.  The parents will often write with suggestions to improve their children’s experience, she will always listen, discuss it with her team and respond accordingly.

Mrs Mohajer’s main drive remains the happy faces of the children she sees as she walks through the campuses. She also places a heavy emphasis on the enjoyment of learning through the Montessori Method. Parents have been trusting the CMS family with their children for the past two decades and never has it been more true that we belong to a family than it has been in the last  year living through the pandemic.

Rising to the challenge of a blended learning approach, our students have continued to succeed with the endless support of our parents and the dedication of our committed and loyal staff.

We welcome you to our website and hope you will take a tour and experience for yourself the magic we have witnessed in the last 25 years.

Mrs Minoo Mohajer
Founder and Head of CMS

The first Casa class in 1995

Armed with a passion for Montessori Education and qualifications in Cognitive Science and teaching – Ms Neda Mohajer joined the CMS family as an elementary teacher and worked her way through the lower elementary Montessori curriculum bringing innovative changes and ideas along the way.

Embracing the Montessorian method and bringing aboard new ideas for updated teaching in the classroom, Ms Neda is an inspirational force to the CMS family. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to bring joy and positivity to each child’s school experience was evident in her classroom and more recently on the staff front. A leading voice in bringing together change to the organization she is constantly training herself  to develop staff further; whether it be about Racism in schools, wellness in schools, or the power of positive thinking.

Ms Neda is a wealth of knowledge that she happily propagates and shares with colleagues and teaching staff. Her easy manner and inquisitive nature allows her to challenge the status quo, always putting the child’s experience at the forefront of every decision. that is always shared. She believes “ Education is the best weapon for peace” as Dr Montessori advocated a century ago and goes about sharing this practice in all that she does. Her dialogue with every child is as thoughtful and as caring as it is for her own three children as she believes in the essence of children’s creativity and productivity.

In this last year, as the world has dealt with a pandemic, Neda’s vision and guidance on online learning and her endless positivity on how lessons should be engaging is a direct reflection of what she observes in her own children to what she observes as a teacher on the other side of the camera. Her ability to inspire others to think outside the box has enabled the school year to still bring many a special event to the parents living room albeit over Zoom!

We hope you take a few moments to peruse our website and learn more about what we can offer your child to be a part of our warm, genuine and caring family.

Co-Head of School 
Ms Neda Mohajer