At CMS students are given the opportunity to be a leader in their classes performing spokesman roles and being assigned tasks by their teacher. As they grow older they are then encouraged to put themselves forward before the student body and become elected to the House Captain team.

Responsibilities of organization of events, guiding parents around the campus or ushering at concert evenings enable the young leader to develop their leadership skills. The teacher guides act as the facilitators of such learning.

Throughout the pandemic the students have continued to meet weekly, virtually to set weekly challenges to keep the student body motivated to complete a series of tasks. Some of their challenge ideas of this year have encapsulated their need for fun, activity and charity:

House Challenges:

  • Design the house logo
  • Creative Writing Piece
  • Step Challenge-Can you Climb the Height of CN Tower or the Eiffel Tower
  • Recreate a famous monument out of recycled material


  • Be generous for the North York Food Harvest
  • Build an obstacle run using only recycled cardboard and plastic
  • Recognize Earth day and plant something!
  • CMS Talent show!

“Being a house captain is about taking responsibility to lead others so that they can have as much fun as I am having”

“As a vice captain I learned a lot about time management this year”

“Having a leadership responsibility made me think about how to be fair to all. That isn’t easy at times”

“ Working as a House captain team to get everyone’s spirit up was a really cool skill I will take with me to my next school”