The CMS student is a thoughtful and sophisticated child. Whether they join our community in the casa program or part way through their Elementary years they emerge as confident, kind and empathetic young people. The small class sizes, high ratio of staff to student supervision and the curriculum rich experience they share whilst attending our Montessori Montessori schools enable them to grow into accomplished young citizens of the world.

In their own words:

“CMS has helped me building up my confidence and leadership skills”

“My favourite part of a Montessori education is the freedom to choose what I wish to study and the independence I am empowered with whilst learning”

“Being part of a team has always been a part of my life, whether it was on the basketball court or working on a project with my peers in class I love being part of a team”

“We are given many cool things to do at CMS…I love coming to school every day – but I also love when we go on field trips…”

“Studying at CMS for the past 8 years has made my school friends like my family, we have learned so much together. I know my friendships will stay with me through high school and into adulthood.”Although this year has been a different one of learning for us as we have remained online, I have learned I am resilient to such massive change.”