Working alongside Mrs Mohajer and Ms Neda Mohajer, our dedicated staff have built the four campuses that make up the Central Montessori group of schools. Each campus has grown to their present state today due to the hard work, commitment and dedication of our teachers. All our lead teachers in each class are Montessori trained teachers hailing from all corners of the world and now calling Canada their home. CMS teachers are multitalented and are not just Montessori trained but bring with them a wealth of talent, including photography, dance, nutrition, painting, digital design to name a few. When asked for their favourite moments experienced at CMS they have all unanimously responded – the children.  Our staff specialise in bringing Dr Montessori’s philosophy to life. They epitomise the role of the guide as you will rarely see them in a class. Your first focus will be drawn to the busy children, working in groups or independently and somewhere out of the corner of your eye you will find them or the assistant teacher guiding the learning of a child to enable them to work at their own pace.

CMS staff continue to rise to the challenge of offering each child a rich educational experience. Alongside the Montessori curriculum they role model the attributes and values of kindness and bringing peace and harmony to our lives through all their actions – whether it is engaging the children in a game at recess, or donning a T shirt to support the Terry Fox run or standing on the sidelines as they recited their concert lines. Our staff are the intricate threads of the CMS fabric that weave the children’s experiences of education and extra curricular seamlessly. Throughout the most recent Pandemic they have continued to smile through their masks and shields and have relentlessly continued to offer the best possible Montessori learning by still adhering to all the strict protocols.

Ask our staff what does CMS mean to them and they will answer you: CMS is our home, our family, our service to the future leaders of tomorrow. We hope you may join us for a tour and experience this genuine warmth for yourself.