“True peace … suggests the triumph of justice and love among men; it reveals the existence of a better world where harmony reigns.” Dr Montessori

In every CMS student the idea of supporting our communities is ever present from the moment they walk into school. Students are taught about the importance of being global citizens and how to live in a peaceful world. Through the observances calendar that is followed throughout the academic year students begin to have an understanding of a range of cultures, the importance of animal conservation and a series of important and influential people who have changed our course of History.


Students enjoy assemblies in these topics and are then set challenges or class projects to complete and further present in an open forum. Many of their work is placed on display in school where parents are able to enjoy their learning journey.

Community Service and helping others is a crucial part of each of our children understanding the importance of helping others. Each year students contribute to the North York Food Harvest, don T-shirts for the every child matters campaign and collect Toonnies to support the Terry Fox run amongst many other initiatives.

Amongst such days that are celebrated are:
  • Terry Fox Run

  • Capes for Kids charity

  • Odd Socks Day – recognizing Downs Syndrome Day
  • Dr Maria Montessori Week

  • Bee Day

  • World Wildlife Day
  • Earth Day

  • Black History Month