Students are taken on trips all over Toronto to expand on aspects of their curriculum. Whether it is to Brookes Farm or Reptilia or indeed the Kortright Centre, students are able to experience first hand some of the lessons learned in class.

The emphasis of a day trip for our students remains on enjoyment but also on experiential learning. The hands on aspects of visiting an exhibition or learning centre enables them to do just that. Our students are prepared for the trips with pre trip questions and presentations and are then taught about safety protocols and procedures whilst on a school trip. Participating in any day trip is always a highlight for our students as they experience the fun of exploring a new place with their peers and teachers.

Field Trips taken by CMS students:

  • Black Creek Pioneer Village

  • Earth Museum

  • Reptilia

  • Brooks Farm
  • Young People Theatre
  • Kortright Centre
  • Nelson Madela Exhibition

  • Willowgrover Outdoor Centre


  • Fairyland Theatre

  • Solare stage Theatre
  • Ontario Science Centre