Over 25 years CMS has offered a quality Montessori Education to its community. Parents are surveyed and asked to feedback on almost all events in each academic year. They are also invited to attend the Alumnae panel evening where they can engage with other parents about their experience. Our Parents are a committed and dedicated group who support CMS through all of its endeavours to provide their children with the best possible experiences. Whether it is showing up to support a basketball or soccer game or attend the Montessori Week our parents have been with us for years.

This is what they have to say:

Enrolling my daughter at CMS has been one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. Every teacher and staff member have gone above and beyond. They are extremely caring, nurturing and, supportive. Jr Casa Parent 2020
Our entire family loves Central Montessori School! Their goal is to create an environment that produces academically motivated, artistically creative and physically active and emotionally supported students and they do all of that while encouraging values such as honesty, kindness, respect, and responsibility throughout the school community. The teachers are passionate and committed to their students every single day. They create an inspiring, nurturing, and supportive environment and help children develop self-confidence and self-esteem by allowing each child to progress at their own pace. CMS has exceeded our expectations since we first entered their doors in 2017. Our son and daughter’s social and concentration skills have developed tremendously through the critical thinking encouraged at CMS. They are challenged yet supported and are well prepared to succeed in elementary school and beyond. Our children enjoy going to school and love their teachers and we are grateful to be part of this wonderful community! Infant, Toddler & Sr. Casa Parents 2017 – 2021
Our child has been a student at CMS for 4 years now.  Upon entering the toddler program we were immediately impressed by the love, care and attention she received by all members of the faculty.  There is a strong warm community presence felt at CMS. Sr Casa Parent
Our child has flourished under the Montessori program and we are regularly impressed by the gains she has made from an academic perspective.  The teachers are passionate, dedicated and attentive to each child’s individual needs.  We feel confident that under their care our child will have a strong academic foundation which will help her succeed and grow in the years ahead.  Grade 2 Parent
It was big decision for us to enrol our daughter in the French Immersion program at CMS> we have not regretted it for one second. She loves every moment of her day and the passion shown by the teachers makes her come alive at home with all the stories of all she has learned. Thank you CMS for taking our shy little girl and giving her the confidence to speak her mind….and doing it so confidently in French as well. Grade 4 parent
The Montessori system of education and compassionate teachers at CMS have played an important role in our son’s development and independence. He learned to become a critical thinker and a problem solver. With these qualities alone I know he will be fine where he goes. He has left CMS with a strong foundation that he continues to build on in his middle school. He has now changed two schools since graduating from CMS in grade 6 and he has continued to deliver great results. I know this was down to the exceptional teachers at CMS. Grade 6 graduate 2018
CMS has superb facilities, superb staff and superb Montessori ethos. Our children have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the program from the academics to the sports to the arts and then finally the variety of trips. We have been part of CMS for the past 11 years and we cannot believe our daughter is finally leaving in Grade 6. We know she is ready and equipped with anything her future holds for her. Thank you CMS. Grade 2 and Grade 6 parent