The Montessori French Immersion Advantage at our Maplehurst Campus

French Immersion Curriculum

Central Montessori School provides a nurturing learning environment that combines the benefits of the Montessori method with proven teaching fundamentals in a French immersion environment. This combination provides students with a unique learning advantage and competitive edge.

Our highly enriched French immersion program is designed to foster academic excellence and provide a challenging, rewarding atmosphere. Special attention is paid to every stage of cognitive, social, emotional and academic development, maximizing each period of the child’s growth. The teacher promotes an environment that allows the student’s innate curiosity to flourish. The importance of social awareness and a sense of community are also integral parts of the Montessori experience.
Central Montessori School’s French program allows students to learn French through a rigorous and comprehensive approach to the entire spectrum of academic subjects. Central Montessori School’s curriculum promotes a level of achievement that far exceeds Ministry of Education standards.

Our primary language of instruction is French, with specialist classes such as gym, computers, art and music offered in English. A portion of each day is devoted to ensuring our students continue to develop and refine their English written communication skills. The focus is on reading comprehension, spelling and effective writing strategies.